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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing the perfect colors for your wedding isn’t always a simple task. It’s not simply a matter of choosing your favorite colors, but rather choosing colors that complement each other and tie in all the many components of the wedding. Your colors not only have to be appealing to the eye but also fit with the season, the venue and most important, be flattering. Look at pictures on the web that feature different combinations of wedding colors.  While it may be a little overwhelming to see the hundreds of combinations, at least they will a good sense of the "Do's and Don't's". I suggest that you start by seeing if you have a favorite color that matches the list of popular wedding colors or seasonal colors below.

This year the popular "Pinterest" wedding colors include, navy, coral, pink, blush, red, lavender, turquoise, black and white. Choosing colors from this list would be a very safe choice and you are assured that the entire wedding market is awash with ribbons, fabric, candy almonds, invitations, etc., everything you may need for a wedding. Choosing a bold color scheme like Christmas red and holly green may seem like a great idea, just remember that if your wedding is in mid-June, good luck finding all the wedding doodads that you'll be needing in red and green. They won't be on sale at Michael's until at least the end of July.

Consider the season of your wedding. Choosing a wedding color that represents the natural beauty of the season will always work. If it’s an outdoor Spring or Summer wedding, consider light colors and stay away from black or dark gray. Current Spring season wedding colors include blush pink, soft yellow, blue or green. A few Summer colors that are hugely popular the year are pink, ivory, mint, and various shades of blue. Fall colors will include darker and bolder shades in general, including burnt orange and strawberry which represent the changing colors of the leaves. For Fall 2016 we are also seeing navy, grey, eggplant, and olive. Winter themed colors are filled with a contrast of light and dark. Very important this year will be moody, almost Gothic colors including black, navy, burgundy, ice, lavender and sage.   

The flowers and their respected colors are more important in a wedding than one might think. Think about the guy’s boutonniere color and the bridesmaid’s flower colors. These flower colors are usually matching so as to compliment each other nicely. Also take into consideration the flower colors that will make up the centerpieces for the tables or the ones decorating the church or wedding site. Traditionally those flowers are a neutral white or ivory with just a touch of the wedding theme color.  White may sound a bit boring but there is a very good reason why a softer neutral look for the actual wedding has always been popular.  Just imagine a bride wearing a white, neutral dress completely surrounded by hot-pink and teal flowers.  What is the first thing that you would see in every photograph?  It sure won't be the  upstaged bride.

When selecting groomsmen's tuxedos or suits and accessories, keep in mind the season of the year. For a Spring or Summer wedding, perhaps have the guys wear a light colored outfit. The tuxedo or suit could be tan, white or silver gray. During the Fall and Winter, dark colors should prevail for the tuxedos or suits. This Fall and Winter the black, navy, burgundy or charcoal looks will be everywhere. A nice touch is to choose accessory colors for the groomsmen, their vest, bowtie or neck tie, in a complimentary color to the bridesmaid’s colors.

When it comes to the Groom, select the right color for him.  Forget Pinterest and all the bridal magazines!  Select a tuxedo or suit that is flattering to the groom, both this build and coloration.  A burgundy tuxedo may be just what you envision but can your light complexioned, blond hair and freckled fiancée really wear burgundy without looking totally washed out?  Choose a tuxedo or suit color that is perfect for the groom, one that looks as handsome on him as does the bride's dress look beautiful on her.

All the wedding colors are incorporated in the venue by the table cloth, napkin, flowers, the cake, and more, so make certain to choose your colors wisely. Select colors that will turn the venue into an atmosphere of beauty. Choosing from the popular color palate or one based on the season will always be a winner. Do not necessarily choose a favorite color if it won’t create a glamorous look. Overall, when choosing wedding colors, it’s important to be creative, be true to yourself, and have fun.

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