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Weddings on a Budget or How to Keep Your Sanity

Weddings on a Budget or How to Keep Your Sanity

Weddings are a beautiful ceremony celebrating the new life-partnership between two people deeply in love. While they are a wonderful occasion, weddings can be too expensive. A large portion of cost will come from the size of the guest list, location of ceremony, the amount and extravagance of the decorations, type of food served, the music, and beverages. Before you panic, let me say there are numerous ways to save on the wedding while retaining a glamourous look that truly reflects you and not just what Pinterest is pushing this season. Here are suggestions to save you money on the costlier aspects of weddings.

Reduce the Guest List Size

The more people on the guest list the more cost you accumulate and the less intimate your wedding becomes. Avoid adding people that you feel obligated to and invite people you actually know well. Do you really need to invite Cousin Randy (who you haven’t seen in twenty years) and his six kids just because Cousin Laura is a bride’s maid?  Also, the more people at the wedding, the more people you have to talk with and the less time you’ll have to actually have fun at your own reception.

Choose a Less Expensive Venue

A large wedding budget item will easily be the venue. Try holding the ceremony at a rental vacation home, at a family or friends home, or a place with character like a botanical garden, a gallery, or in a forest. Also, you can save on the venue cost by having your ceremony on a day that isn’t Saturday; you could save up to fifty percent.

Get Creative with the Centerpieces

Save a bit of money and make your own centerpieces. You can use photos, potted plants, candles, fans, recycled items, Mason jars with goldfish or even old oil lanterns.

Flowers Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Flowers can be a very expensive wedding item; but they don’t have to be. Buy used silk flowers and resell them later. Have your wedding in a garden setting so you can buy less for decoration. Be simplistic and not picky; choose flowers like Carnations or Gerber Daisies to save a lot of money. Select flowers that are locally grown and in-season. Off-season flowers will escalate the price quickly and if they are imported from South America or Australia, just think of the carbon footprint those roses in December will leave behind.

Hire a Friend for the Photograph

Everyone is a photographer nowadays thanks to Instagram, digital photography and Photoshop. Hire a couple of friends who are known for posting spectacular photos consistently on their social media. They will most likely work for little to no money and between them you will have all the amazing shots a professional photographer would give you. Also, you might feel more comfortable with friends being up close and personal with a camera than a total stranger. In addition, a cool idea is to ask your guests to all take photos and send them to you during the course of the wedding and reception.  You can then have a friend do some quick edits and stream them to a monitor so everyone can enjoy your wedding pictures.

Linen Choices

Elegant linen does not have to be pricey! Shantung or Pin tuck linen will only cost $15 to $30 per table and look outstanding for the price. Check out the discount bin at your local yardage store for fun remnants that may only coat a dollar or two a yard.

Stay Away From Ordinary Entertainment

For cocktail hour instead of hiring a band, try using a standout musician. Hire a music student to save a tremendous amount on costs. Have a solo musician play, perhaps a classical guitarist, a pianist, or a harp player. Everyone has a good friend who is an accomplished musician and would love to honor your marriage with her musical talent. Save the DJ for later in the evening when the dancing takes place. Build your own playlist and have a friend DJ. How about loading your music collection into a lap top and letting your guests chose their own music?  Set it to “Random Play” and be surprised and ready to have fun.

Skip the Fancy Meal

Stay away from the traditional wedding plate dish of chicken or fish with a side. Instead, many couples are deciding to choose more comfort-type foods. Consider unique sandwiches, burgers with fries, barbequed meats and other hometown or family favorites. Weddings can be a great time to break out old, dearly loved family recipes. Trust me, more people will remember Grandma's incredibly gooey Mac & Cheese served at your wedding than they will the Foie gras and Bebe Lapin Confit served at Mike and Ashley’s wedding

Wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes are VERY pricey. Try decorating your cake with fresh flowers. Florists will usually provide this for an insignificant cost if they are providing other flowers for you already. Also, why not consider a fun cupcake tower instead of a traditional wedding cake. A 4-tier tower of cupcakes could well cost you under $100. You can add your favorite desserts along with the wedding cupcakes to give more variety to the guests. Add brownies, cookies, or strawberries covered in chocolate to the dessert menu. 

The Bar Tab

An open bar can  be a huge expense item when it comes to weddings. If you are renting out a space for the venue, ask if they will let you supply your own alcohol. If so, grab your beverages at a discounted liquor store or Costco and stock up on House-Brand essentials. Grab a couple of types of beer along with red and white wine. If you want to offer a full bar, make sure to pick up vodka, rum, gin, whiskey along with a couple mixers, juice and sodas. 

Traveling Less for the Honeymoon

Plan a simpler honeymoon and not an eccentric destination one. Plan one closer to home, as spending hours on a plane with connecting flights doesn’t sound relaxing or enjoyable. You can spend a longer period of time on vacation with fewer costs by exploring places closer to you. For those in the Bay Area, this might be a short car ride to Lake Tahoe, Disney Land, Vegas or Catalina Island!  Remember, tourists flock from around the world to explore the Northern California Coast and Wine Country.

Know the Right Place to get Tuxedos

Stay away from the box-store chains like Men’s Wearhouse. As for online tuxedo rentals, well the jury is still out on whether or not receiving a wrinkled, low quality garment is really worth the tiny savings. The price you end up paying will never equal the quality or fit you deserve on your most special day. Go to smaller, family owned businesses where the fair price will actually come with much greater quality and fit. For those in the Bay Area, check out Tuxedo Fashions. They are a family owned store who pays incredible attention to detail when it comes to colors, fit and overall appearance for your wedding. Unlike the chain stores, Tuxedo Fashions stores also have everything in house, providing you with the peace of mind that come your wedding day, your tuxedo or suit rental will be picture perfect.


Weddings are supposed to be fun, one of the happiest days in your life.  Don’t stress on a bunch of minor details that the guests really won’t even notice. Simplify your life by not spending a year micro-planning a “perfect” Pinterest wedding, don’t go into debt over exotic hot house flowers in the middle of winter and by all means do whatever you can to insure a wonderful day.  Just remember, it’s all about marrying the person you love…

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