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Dressing Up Your Casual Everyday Attire

Dressing Up Your Casual Everyday Attire

Have you ever seen a man casually walking down the street and think to yourself, “Damn, he has impeccable style.” Of course you have! Fashion plays a huge part in our everyday life. Since most of us spend the majority of our day in casual attire, I have laid out a few tips in this blog to help take your everyday look to the next level.

Put a Vest Over It

Adding a vest to an outfit is like adding that perfect final spice to a recipe. A stylish vest can take an outfit from pretty good to amazing. An ideal outfit when wearing a vest would be to pair it with boots or dress shoes, jeans, or skinny dress pants and a slim-fit button up shirt. If you’re wearing a vest without a jacket on top, then roll up your sleeves to further the style. There are numerous styles of vests with different varying numbers of buttons, with or without lapels and different pocket configurations. The amount of buttons is personal preference, but I would stay away from any ones with lapels as they are typically not meant for casual wear. Choose a single row of buttons in the middle and three or less pockets. Any more pockets than three can start looking like a fly-fishing vest.

Boots With Slim-Fit Jeans

Guys, please leave the sneakers at home. Regardless of the brand or how much you may have paid or how comfortable, wearing your favorite pair of athletic shoes just does not give the impression of sophistication or style. If you want a mature, smart look, team up a very nice pair of boots with slim-fit jeans. You can even pair the boots and jeans with a dressy-casual t-shirt and it will still be stylish, though not as much as pairing this combination with a dress shirt. Dress shoes can be substituted for boots, but make sure the dress shoes are more casual, perhaps a brogue, wing-tip or Monk-strap slip-on. Unclear on what casual dress shoes or boots look like? A good shoe specialty store such as Clarks, Johnston & Murphy or Church would be good to check. Another store to look into would be Nordstrom as they carry a great selection of casual and upscale dress shoes. Keep your eyes open for retro styled low cut lace up boots reminiscent of the 1920’s and 30’s!

Wear a Good Watch

Watches are the easiest way to add a touch of style to an outfit. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing a watch to wear as it’s a small accessory. The definite wrong watches to wear for style punch are any type of G-shock, athletic, or cheap knockoff. Always be sure to choose a watch that looks formal and elegant as it can be worn for every occasion. A formal watch is one with a nice clean face plate, classic design and real leather strap or jewelry quality band. For specific types of brands, check out Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rodina, Daniel Wellington, and Nixon. Lastly, make sure you can read your watch! You may think this is obvious, but I urge you to approach someone with a watch and ask for the time. Half the people will be able to read you the time with no problem. However, the other half will pull out their phone and forget they have a watch on, or will struggle to read the time in general. Also, never, ever wear a digital watch or one with a plastic band. Talk about embarrassing!

Layers, Layers, Layers

Open up Pinterest or a magazine, and the most reoccurring theme will be layers. Layering clothes will always increase the style of an outfit. Wearing a jacket or sweater over a dress shirt is a quick way to make any outfit better. Pair this combination with boots or dress shoes and jeans to have a winning look. During the colder months, add a scarf over the top as they have becoming fashionably main stream for guys.

Styling hair to make a statement

Personally, when your hair is off, you might as well forget about the rest of the outfit. When you converse with someone, they are mostly looking at your face, not down at your clothes. Do not leave the house with messy ungroomed hair or ragged facial hair. The popular trend for 2016 is long hair with short tapered sides and a few days’ worth of beard but nicely trimmed. Specific styles include the pompadour, undercut, or any side fades with wavy or combed over on top. Popular products to use when achieving these looks are pomade, wax, gel, mousse, and styling creams. The selection for hair products is massive, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices. The best way to figure out what product is best for your hair type would be to ask your barber or stylist when they cut your hair. They cut more men’s hairstyles than you probably thought existed. Rely on the professionals; they know what’s best for your type of hair.

Let’s review the essential items to help take your casual look up a notch: Get a pair of quality lace-up boots, an elegant wrist watch, a stylish vest and the proper hair product you looking sharp and well groomed.  Now you can be the guy walking down the street making other guys jealous and girls wishing they were with you.

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