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How to Select the Perfect Groom’s Attire

How to Select the Perfect Groom’s Attire

All eyes are focused on the happy couple about to say “I do”.  Of course the bride is the center of attention followed by her groom. To compliment the bride’s appearance on the wedding day it’s most important that the groom is perfectly attired in an outfit that is harmonious with her gown and appropriate to the time, venue and degree of formality. The groom’s elegant attire will make the ceremony a more beautiful and memorable experience for everyone. Check out these tips to ensure the groom’s attire will indeed be flawless.

When planning his wedding attire, it’s important that the groom knows the color of his bride’s dress. His goal is to compliment the bride; he does not have to match the dress color exactly. A popular way to do this is by wearing a black tuxedo with accessory colors coordinating with the bride’s dress color. The accessories referred to are the vest, tie or bowtie, and pocket square. Accessories that will complement the bride can include champagne, white or ivory, depending on her dress color. Other accessory colors that work well under a black jacket are silver, greys or classic black. Most choose the silver or greys when they want to have the groom do something just a little bit different. If you have ever wanted to feel like James Bond, then the classic black vest and bowtie look is definitely what you should wear. Recently other popular coat choices have been greys, tan, and navy. A vest that matches the coat color, paired with an ivory or white tie, always looks elegant with any tuxedo.

Location and season can also influence the tuxedo choice for the groom. A beach wedding typically has a more relaxed theme and the groom’s attire should reflect that theme. Lighter colors are nicely suited for this occasion. The most popular choices for a beach wedding are tan, lighter greys and sometimes navy (due to its historic association with the sea). Another example of how a venue location can affect the grooms attire is a forest setting. This location calls for darker colors like black or charcoal grey. A lighter grey would still work depending on the how much sunlight illuminates the venue. A forest setting seems to have a more serious feel than the beach theme so even though you are out in nature, even a classic black tuxedo seems to work quite well. When it comes to the season of the marriage, the spring and summer months tend to be a more popular time for weddings. Lighter colored tuxedos are more prevalent during these months as well. The greys, tan, and blue colored tuxedos are very season appropriate during the spring and summer months and will not be as hot as wearing a black tuxedo. An outdoor summer wedding in a black coat can be a little uncomfortable in the heat. The fall and winter wedding months tend to have darker tuxedo colors. During these months, black, navy, charcoal grey and even burgundy colored tuxedos compliment the season well.

In today’s more body conscious world, it has become popular that the fit of a tuxedo should be slim cut and closely tailored to enhance elegance. The groom’s coat should fit slimly throughout. Areas to focus on when examining for a well fitted garment would be the shoulders, waist, hip-line, sleeve width and length. The pants are a personal preference to fit as some couples enjoy the skinny leg look while others like the modern, slightly more relaxed fitting leg. A rule of thumb is to try and match the slimness of the jacket to the pants. If your jacket is a slim fit, then the pants should not be a loose fit. The goal is to keep everything proportional head to toe. The shirt should also be slim cut, but not tight, as you will want the comfort and ease of movement when greeting the guests or dancing.

Selecting the perfect tuxedo or suit for the wedding day is easy. Just remember that before heading into the tuxedo shop, consider the bride’s dress color in association to the groom’s attire. Incorporating the ivory, white, or champagne dress color into his outfit can be very elegant. If these colors don’t appeal to you then consider classic black or silver accessories. Be conscious of the venue location and season of the wedding when choosing the attire for the guys. Remember the areas to check when looking at the coat and the rule of thumb for the pants. Incorporating these tips into the groom’s appearance should ensure a joyous and gorgeous ceremony.

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