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Tuxedo Versus Suit

Tuxedo Versus Suit

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life” -Oscar Wilde


You’re going to a company party, wedding, or another formal event and can’t decide whether to wear a tuxedo or a suit. Look no further as you will be able to identify the differences and make the decision on what to wear with ease.

The Main Differences


A suit often times has heavier fabric making it more durable as opposed to a tuxedo. You can see this difference if you focus on the shoulders of both a suit and tuxedo. A tuxedo has satin material on its lapel and buttons; a much more refined and delicate fabric that the body of the garment. This satin material is the primary difference between what makes the coat a tuxedo versus a suit. Suits have no satin on them and have bone, plastic or fabric covered buttons. In addition, suits tend to be a little less snug in the shoulders, body, and throughout compared to a tuxedo. This traditional difference is not very relevant today as the majority of people want slim fit clothing. Manufactures have responded to this demand for slim clothes by creating garments that are cut slim in the chest, waist, sleeves and have softer shoulders. Coat sleeve lengths and pant lengths are the same if you wear a tuxedo or a suit. You always want to show a bit of white shirt cuff peeking out below the jacket sleeves and you only want a small break or no break when it comes to the pants.  

When To Wear?

Wearing a suit normally means you’re here for business. It’s best worn to business dinners and other dressy, semi-formal events of that nature. Wearing a suit to the office, is usually acceptable depending on where you work. Here in Silicon Valley, most companies have a business casual environment in the office. Be sure to investigate the company culture before wearing a full suit to the office; you don’t want to dress better than your boss. Tuxedos on the other hand, are mainly worn to formal celebratory events like weddings, cocktail parties, galas, etc. Also, tuxedos can be worn to extravagant dinner parties and special events. Company events may even call for a tuxedo and not a suit.  Make certain to read the invitation closely for key words like “Formal, Black-Tie or Eveningwear”.

When it comes to weddings, some couples choose to be more casual and go with suits for the wedding party. As wedding tend to be steeped in tradition, the majority of couples still go with classic, elegant tuxedos. When attending a wedding as a guest, is always appropriate to wear a suit or something business casual (dressy trousers, a shirt with a collar, leather closed toe shoes and a jacket.  Absolutely nothing “atheletic”).

What Will It Be Used For?

When purchasing a suit, if it will be used for primarily for work, you may want to choose a more durable fabric versus a higher thread count with softer, lighter fabric. Essentially, you’ll want a suit that can will enhance your professional appearance and fit in with your company’s culture. Wearing a powder blue or bright red colored suit to a business meeting will not be appropriate in most cases. Navy suits have been very popular recently as they can be used to look stylish at special events while also suitable for business. If the reason behind buying a suit is specifically for a wedding or party, then venture into higher fashion looks and don’t be afraid of more ambitious colors or patterns that will make a statement. If you’re in the wedding party, a tuxedo is usually more appropriate to wear and chances are that the bride or groom has already preselected your attire. When in doubt, you can always check with the bride and groom if you’re unsure whether to wear a tuxedo or suit.

Wearing the proper suit or tuxedo to an event is the first step to enjoying a successful occasion. Wearing the wrong attire to an important event is like coming ill-prepared to a meeting: you stick out like a sore thumb. This will never be the case after learning the major differences between a tuxedo and suit. Now proceed to the event with your new found confidence knowing you look damn good.

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