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A Few Thoughts for 2017

A Few Thoughts for 2017

Everyone makes New Year resolutions.  Who doesn't want to be healthier, happier, thinner, a non-smoker, etc. in the New Year?  Unfortunately resolutions are almost always doomed to failure.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't strive to become a better "You", but self-improvement should come about in its own good time, not forced by an arbitrary date on the calendar.  For that reason, let's skip the resolutions this year...

New Year's Reflections

The New Year is a perfect time for reflection. What worked? What needs to be fixed? These are just a couple of the important questions you can ask yourself.  There are many different ways to reflect on the past year. A personal diary is one way to keep track of your thoughts. It's a private way to think about what you've done. If you're feeling more open, a blog is a great way to share your thoughts and reflect on the year. No matter what you choose, take a few moments to reflect on 2016 and see how you can make 2017 better.  Though you won't be obligated to make changes, at least actively reflecting on both the positives and negatives in your life can serve as a good reference point from which to start the New Year.

New Year's Risks

Make 2017 the year to take a risk. The risk can be anything. Take music lessons or an art class. Could 2017 be the year that you try your hand at local politics. Perhaps you'll finally work up the nerve to join in the Sunday morning pick-up basketball game down at the park. Whatever it is, the New Year offers everyone the chance to try something brand new and see where it takes them. Whether you are ultimately successful or not isn't really the point.  The fact that you are willing to take a risk and accept the consequences is the Big Success. In 2016, my big risk was buying a button accordion and giving it a go. I had no idea if I had any aptitude for the instrument but I made 2016 my year to take that risk. As it turns out, I'm very glad that I tackled the accordion as I'm still continuing to learn and enjoy it (please no accordion jokes!) Personal risks might lead to great rewards, but taking no risk will absolutely guarantee no reward. Make 2017 the year that you do something risky.

New Year's Laughs

Most important, start 2017 with a laugh. There will always be a deadline at work, an angry motorist, a crazy relative and a thousand other things that will inevitably annoy you to no end, but it's important to always make the time to laugh. This can be accomplished simply by watching a funny movie, goofing around with your kids or grandchildren, or watching silly cat videos on YouTube. For a good laugh, try Karaoke. If you have a singing voice like mine you'll learn very quickly that it's a lot better to laugh than cry.

There will always be time for work, home chores and other seriously adult stuff, but there are only so many years in a person's life, finite opportunities, to laugh and smile. Make sure to take the precious time to laugh in the New Year. The one thing that you should not do in 2017 is look at the New Year and start counting all of the things that you Have To Complete. Embrace the wonderful possibilities that a new calendar year brings to your life. Reflect a bit, take a risk, accept the consequences and if you fall flat on your face, just laugh.  At least you will have given it your best try.

What are you going to do with 2017?


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