Tuxedos and Suits

Tuxedos and Suits for a wedding.

Both are good options. It depends on what it says on the invitation and if doesn’t, ask the groom. If the groom doesn’t know what to tell you, just follow some of these recommendations:

  • For daytime weddings: if in doubt, better wear a suit. A tuxedo is mostly seen as night attire.
  • For evening weddings: suit and tuxedoBoth are great options.
  • If the invitation says black tie attire is required: you can never go wrong with a tuxedo.
  • If the invitation says black tie attire optional: feel free to choose between a tuxedo and suit. But make sure that if you choose a suit it has to be in a dark shade or you get a little bit more creative and choose a burgundy tuxedo.
  • If it is a destination or beach wedding: probably the wedding guest attire will be more relaxed so you can wear a light-shade suit, and even consider linen if the temperature can be a problem. In this kind of event, you can wear a business suit but you will be sure much more comfortable in a linen-cotton suit. The groom might wear a tuxedo anyway. Come on, it is his day, he can wear whatever he wants.
  • You can wear a waistcoat with both but please check our tuxedo vests if you are wearing a tuxedo.
  • Brides spend thousands of dollars on a gown that is tailored to fit them impeccably. The groom should also do the same when selecting a tuxedo and suit.

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