tuxedo is an ensemble (or outfit) of clothing which includes a white dress shirt, a bow tie, dress pants. A tuxedo (sometimes called a dinner jacket), include: leather shoes,  and sometimes a vest or cummerbundtop hat and gloves. In European countries, this outfit is called black tie. Many men wear this outfit in Western countries on formal occasions like a marriage ceremony or a fancy party or dance.

A tuxedo suit jacket is usually made of wool or polyester. Suit jackets have a collar, pockets, and a silk or polyester lining. Leather dress shoes are usually made of dark-colored leather which is polished. Sometimes, a person wearing a tuxedo will also wear a sleeveless vest with buttons in the front, a black top hat, and white gloves.

It typically includes a black or white dinner jacket, trousers, a formal shirt, a bow tie, and dress shoes. Additionally, some tuxedos may include a cummerbund or a waistcoat. They are often worn for formal events and occasions, such as weddings, galas, and formal dinners.

Some men wear a tuxedo for their jobs, such as symphony orchestra musicians or waiters in expensive restaurants and doormen in the finest hotels.

Since most men do not wear them very often, they may rent them when needed instead of buying them. Sometimes, men’s tuxedo vests and ties match the dress of the woman he is with. They are mainly worn to big events such as weddings, dinner parties or some sort of smart event.

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